Internal control and risk prevention system

Internal control

We are specialists in the creation and maintenance of a Compliance System for the prevention of criminal liability of legal entities, in accordance with the provisions of article 31 bis of the Penal Code. Our approach focuses on helping you comply with legal requirements and establish appropriate measures to prevent criminal behavior in your organization. We work with you to implement a comprehensive system that ensures regulatory compliance and reduces legal risks. Our goal is to protect your company and preserve its reputation, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the legal field.

Creation and regulatory adaptation


We draft your Code of Conduct and manage the adherence to it by your employees and collaborators. Our aim is to establish clear and ethical guidelines to guide the behaviour of all members of your organisation.


We implemented a Whistleblowing Channel in compliance with the new legal guidelines. This channel provides your employees and collaborators with a secure and confidential means to report any inappropriate behaviour, ethical violations or irregular conduct within the company.


We define the necessary controls and develop detailed policies and procedures to ensure compliance in your organisation. These measures include identifying risks, implementing internal controls, regular monitoring and continually reviewing your policies and procedures to keep them up to date and effective. Our goal is to establish a robust framework that promotes integrity, transparency and compliance in all areas of your business.

Support and maintenance


We take care of updating documentation and conducting regular reviews of your system. Our aim is to ensure that your compliance system is always up to date and complies with evolving legal and regulatory requirements.


We regularly monitor the controls in place in your organisation. We ensure that these controls are working effectively and efficiently. In addition, we communicate regularly with those responsible for each control to assess compliance and gather evidence to support the effectiveness of the controls in place.

Our approach is to maintain constant oversight to ensure that controls are fulfilling their intended purpose and helping to prevent risks and potential non-compliance. We work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and implement the necessary measures to strengthen your compliance system.

Accomplish all regulations with our compliance system.